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P.C.F. Investments, Inc. is a Delaware Corporation formed to develop and invest in financial projects across the United States, as well as provide business and internet solutions based on the experience of its management team. It currently operates in 5 states: DE, CA, NV, MD & TX.


Its operations mostly focus on real estate investments, private lending, and business consulting on managerial processes, marketing strategies, computer networking and internet structures. P.C.F. Investments, Inc. also provides advanced and specialized financial analysis on real estate investments as well as custom solutions to clients depending on their individual needs.


Having a low risk loss structure, such projects are providing for a relatively high rate of return on investment. These projects are either projects developed by P.C.F. Group or projects developed by others.


P.C.F. Investments, Inc. has a strong capital base, which allows it to invest its own capital, but it may also be investing in association with outside investors/partners on such projects.


P.C.F. Investments, Inc. currently has 4 fully owned subsidiary Limited Liability Companies, namely, PCF-Inv.com, LLC which is the group's operating company in California, P.C.F. Properties in NV, LLC, which owns and manages company real estate property in Las Vegas, Nevada, P.C.F. Properties in MD, LLC, which owns and manages company real estate property in Maryland and P.C.F. Properties in TX, LLC, which owns and manages property in the greater metropolitan area of Houston, Texas.


PCF-Inv.com, LLC, operating in California, is focusing on the business consulting leg of the parent company's activities. It is currently offering consultation services for real-estate investment, marketing, internet strategies and website development projects.







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